Listen Smart – Safely Handling the Power of Sound

  • if that sound is over 90 decibels you cannot be in that environment for longer than 8 hours
  •  100 decibels- 2 hours
  • jet plane- 140 decibels
  • 10%- 20% of high school students have hearing loss
  • hearing loss comes from audio most likely rather than age
  • sound is amplified about 22 times by the time it reaches the second muscle
  • once the hair cells are gone they don’t come back
  • 28 million americans are hearing impaired
  • 500 million experience hearing loss worldwide
  • ringing in the ears
  • can become permanent
  • cant hear the high frequency
  • moderate sound the hair cells will bounce back
  • loud loud sound will not allow for the hair cells to bounce back and create destruction within the inner ear

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