My Presentation

Step 1 – Summary of Project

The presentation that I have created, represents me and what I believe I stand for. The presentation was created to help me learn about linking photo from as well as siting them easily. It also helped me understand more about the program: SlideShare. I learned how represent myself without sounding like I have a massive ego. The idea of having few distractions on a single slide help the audience focus on that certain topic without any other thought. Making slides as simple as possible works for many different reasons and I now understand all of them. The powerpoint all in all makes representing myself easier and more effective.

Step 2 – What is Good Presentation?

Made to Stick (Book): This book shows how people remember. Using the “SUCCESS” method, people are able to write a well rounded version of what they intent to show someone. This book also shows how people remember ideas and simple context that if was expressed in certain way, would be forgotten by the average person. The way people remember is left and right side of the brain. The context and numbers are on the left side and the stories and reason are on the right. People remember things from the right brain easier because there is something to go along with it.

Garr Reynolds (Presentation Zen): Preparation, Design, Delivery.

Brian Rules: Vision trumps all other senses. Having a visual gives someone a deeper understanding as compared to reading text or listening to something. Someone who listened to something only remembers 10% after 3 days. If you add a picture to that same thing, the person will remember 65%.

Step 3 – Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming is a way of remembering. When you put ideas from a certain topic down on paper, you create a way of remembering certain topics. From using a brainstorm I learned that putting them together because I was able to remember what I had in mind and I am able to add to that topic as well.

Step 4 – Creating the Storyboard


Creating a story board helped me visualize what I was going to do but on paper. It acted as a plan and I was able to make edits here and there to make it look as I wanted. This helped me come up with new way to express my ideas as well as come up from even more as I visualized them in my mind.

Step 5 – Creating the Script

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 1.55.04 PM

The scripting stage of this project helped me put together my presentation. This helped me see the steps of a presentation. It helped me to put together my project and for me to see how the slides would form in order.

Step 6 – Creating the Master Slide

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 1.56.34 PM


The slide master helped me to control and add multiple things at once to my slide show. It helped me to control and change how my whole slide show looks. The master slide has helped me create my project in a shorter period of time without lacking quality.

Step 7 – Sharing the Presentation

Being able to share my presentation through the class helped me and them understand who I am. Every one who listened has learned something about me and that helps them see me as a person and that also can give them an idea of what my personality is like. makes things easy to access and understand. the only downfall of is that as a presenter you cannot talk the viewer through it.

Step 8 – What I Learned

I learned that it is possible to create a slideshow about anything in a short period of time so that people can understand what I am trying to get across. The ability to put short fraise’s and then explain it to my audience. This is how things can be easy to understand for viewers of the slideshow. The photos and black background make audience understand one thing at a time and help them to comprehend the single topic with simplicity.

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